Rare earth compounds

What are Rare earth compounds? - Rare earth elements are found in the Earth's crust. Because of their unique magnetic, luminescent, and electrochemical properties, as well as durability, and thermal stability, these elements play a crucial role in electronics, communications, environmental mitigation, national defense, and many others.
Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd - Manufacturers all our products according to individual customer requirements. As salts or solutions our rare earth products serve as valuable raw materials in various industries. Our salts include acetates, carbonates, chlorides, fluorides, nitrates and sulfates. Customers can choose from crystals, filter cakes, powders, solutions or anhydrous compounds, pure or mischcompounds. According to your requirements, we can individually taylor the water-content of our rare earth compounds.
Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd - Manufacturers of Rare earth compounds in India.