Speciality & Bulk

Custom Synthesis

Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd’s – provides diverse and flexible custom manufacturing capabilities support our customers custom synthesis requirements, from R&D through development to batch production.

Whether looking to synthesize complex organic building blocks, optimize your synthesis or develop a scalable route, we are able to provide the expertise and knowledge to support your project. Our extensive database of production methods for over 7,500 compounds has been developed through 25 years experience in custom manufacturing.

Successful project delivery requires great communication alongside knowledge and expertise.

Summary of custom synthesis capabilities

  • Highly experienced synthetic organic chemistry team. We can offer from grams to multi-kilogram quantities
  • Ability to work with air sensitive materials. Diverse range of synthetic chemical capabilities
  • Full documentation to ISO 9001 means that we operate to the highest quality and operating systems standards
  • Clear communication between customer and our tech team throughout the project
For more information please contact usinfo@ottokemi.com