Programs & Services

Custom Manufacturing

Organic Synthesis Capabilities

Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd’s – in house manufacturing capabilities set us apart from its competitors. This allows the facility to produce a wide range of products from gram to 100’s kg quantity. Strong emphasis on method development and a modern well equipped quality control lab makes this an excellent facility.

Life Science

Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd specializes in the production of high quality lipoprotein reagents for cardiovascular disease research. Offering native human lipoproteins, and also oxidized, acetylated or carbamylated low density lipoproteins. Additionally, we provide fluorescently labelled lipoproteins. These fluorescent reagents conveniently label cultured cells for identification, isolation or quantification of receptor site activity. All lipoproteins are membrane filtered and aseptically filled, and some are endotoxin tested.

Our Experience

Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd has been manufacturing products for many years with an extensive data base of production methods for over 7500 products. The speciality teams has the experience to match your requirements to the production site that will produce the materials, either existing products or custom items. We offer flexible custom manufacturing services to produce quality products with the assurance of full confidentiality, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) can be raised to protect intellectual property.

The delivery of our first class service is underpinned by effective communication. We realize the importance of good communication and develop strong relationships with our custom partners.


We employ advanced quality control for both in-process and final testing phases.
The high standard of modern quality control and assurance facilities is matched by the expertise of our experienced staff.

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