Photochromic & thermochromic dyes

What is Photochromic? Photochromism is the reversible transformation of a chemical species between two forms by the absorption of electromagnetic radiation, where the two forms have different absorption spectra.

What is Thermochromic Dyes? Thermochromic dyes are based on mixtures of leuco dyes with suitable other chemicals, displaying a color change (usually between the colorless leuco form and the colored form) in dependence on temperature. The dyes are rarely applied on materials directly; they are usually in the form of microcapsules with the mixture sealed inside.

Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd - Manufacturers of Photochromic & thermochromic dyes in India.

Photochromic & thermochromic dyes

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B 1790 4,4,-Bipyridyl, GR 98% 553-26-4 View