Speciality & Bulk

Metals & Materials

Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd’s - manufacturers of high purity speciality metals and elements for special applications. We have expertise in developing products of exceptionally high purity. As a speciality metals manufacturers, we are accustomed to providing custom fabrication and special packaging services to meet your specific requirements. All products ship with a comprehensive certificate of analysis and material safety data sheet. We recognize that prompt delivery is crucial, so we strive to always meet promised delivery dates.

Pure metals and pure elements

Pure metals and pure elements from Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd’s are used in applications such as single crystal growth, fundamental materials research, photovoltaic technology, and the manufacture of sputtering targets and vacuum evaporation source materials. With the advent of high purity & advanced materials research for the microelectronics industry. We also offer a full range of rare earth metals in various forms.

Materials technology, crystals, evaporation materials, and substrates

Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd - offers a variety of materials for coating, photonic, and electronic applications, including single crystal oxides, optical materials, superconducting powders, metal crystals, coating materials and semiconductor materials.

Engineering ceramics

A selection of ceramic products in a variety of shapes and materials is available, including high purity alumina (Al2O3), zirconia (ZrO2) and other oxide, nitride and carbide materials. Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd’s - ceramics provide advantages such as extreme purity, extreme resistance to corrosion, good thermal conductivity, stability in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, ultra high vacuum resistance, stability at high temperatures, and a good resistance to thermal shock.

Precious metals

Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd - offers a wide variety of high purity precious metal products (gold, iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, and silver) in a variety of forms: wires, foils, powders, and more.

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